Being in the Right Place Twice

Tacos Pastor.

Tacos and Tee Boxes/A Perfect Day/Good Timing

I got a hole in one at Locust Hill. It was my first time playing there, and the first few holes started off slow and unmemorable. Each hole got better and better until—BAM—I plunked in a perfect shot over water on the back nine.

street tacos.

Afterwards, to celebrate, I stumbled into a small restaurant named “Tacos El DF” in Bunker Hill, right off the highway, with a simple sign that said, “Real Street Tacos.” I was hesitant to try it, but in my time exploring the Valley, I’ve learned that sometimes the best eats are hidden in humble locations. I decided to try out these “real” street tacos.

A pleasant girl behind the counter welcomed me and explained the menu. She guaranteed I was about to have some of the best Mexican food I’d ever tasted. Moments later, another customer entered and assured me the same thing. He actually had his wife on the phone, giving him their order. They like Tacos El DF so much that they eat there several times a week.

After ordering the asada taco meal, I sat down and continued chatting with the other customers while my order was completed.

Drinks at taco place.

The chef came out from the back speaking Spanish as they brought my order to the table: three tacos and a grapefruit Jarritos soda. I sat back and dove into the mouth-watering, sizzling meal. The girl behind the counter was right: these real street tacos were spectacular.

I’m usually a burger guy, but mixing it up is good. Right there in Bunker Hill, right after landing a hole in one, Tacos El DF’s food hit the spot. The restaurant was small but not cramped, with quaint decorations suggesting that the owners had once lived in Mexico. The tacos’ spices and flavor were intense and savory, dissolving any desire in me for my traditional after-golf burger.

There’s a certain peace and simple calm when you are in the right place, doing the right thing.  That’s how I felt about this golf adventure and taco experience. I followed my gut both figuratively and literally and was amply rewarded.

Try places that aren’t the norm. Take a chance and you might just get a hole in one, twice in the same day, like me!

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