It’s a Dogs Life…

Opinions on dogs and golf can be quite diverse. I’m all for it when I’m with my dog, but a bit apprehensive if someone else brings their dog to the course. This complex stance might not be entirely fair, but it’s honest. While I don’t want to hear barking or see signs of dogs on the course in the sand or rough, I love the idea of a dog chasing my cart or sitting a few yards away as I tee off.

Have I seen this work? Yes. Do I think this could be replicated? It might be tough.

Allowing dogs on golf courses can be a contentious issue, but it might just enhance the overall golfing experience and contribute to the formation of a unique golfing community. However, it does present certain challenges. Let’s explore the pros and cons of this practice:

The Pros:

  • Companionship: Golf can be solitary, but a furry friend can make your round more enjoyable.
  • Exercise: A round of golf provides an opportunity for both golfers and dogs to stay active and enjoy fresh air.
  • Stress Relief: Dogs have a calming influence and can reduce stress on a challenging course.
  • Community Building: It helps form a unique community of golfers and dog owners.
  • Local Attraction: Dog-friendly courses can attract golfers and boost tourism in the Shenandoah Valley.


Of course, clear rules are essential to ensure safety and comfort for all golfers, whether they have a dog with them or not. With careful planning and consideration, allowing dogs on golf courses can contribute to a more vibrant and welcoming golfing community. 

However, potential issues to consider include dogs chasing or attacking other golfers, bathroom breaks in inconvenient locations, barking during swings, picking up golf balls, chewing on club grips, shedding on golf attire, taking up space in the golf cart, and additional greens and cart fees.

Have you played golf with a dog before? I’ve had some experiences, like hitting balls beside a dog at the driving range or observing a golf pro with a dog in his cart. The situations have generally been uneventful.

So, let’s give it a try, perhaps starting on slow weekdays in the evening with strict rules, and see how it goes. What are your thoughts on dogs on the golf course and driving range? The key is ensuring a harmonious and safe environment for all golfers, dog owners, and their canine companions.

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